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оНДПНАМНЯРХ МЮ ЯЮИРЕ grandprix3.pspu.ru!




English: Here You can download a lot of update carsets, but only for GP3-2000. For any question about installing this software & having problems during your playing please use my guestbook. Thank You & have fun!

Attention! If You want to use these car models in your GP3-2000, You will need to download Ralph Hummerich▓s carset 2002 from his homepage: www.emacf1.com/rh. And then You can change his jam-files to my car liveries▓ files.

P.S. √ Big thanx to members.xoom.virgilio.it/sitogp3!






GP-x patch required (www.xs4all.nl/~rsdi)

PLay▓s 2004 carset for GP3-2000 required (grandprix3.pspu.ru)


DOWNLOAD Brazilian GP 2004 Performance


DOWNLOAD Japanese GP 2004 Performance


DOWNLOAD Chinese GP 2004 Performance


DOWNLOAD Italian GP 2004 Performance


DOWNLOAD Belgian GP 2004 Performance


DOWNLOAD Hungarian GP 2004 Performance


DOWNLOAD German GP 2004 Performance


DOWNLOAD British GP 2004 Performance


DOWNLOAD French GP 2004 Performance


DOWNLOAD USA GP 2004 Performance


DOWNLOAD Canadian GP 2004 Performance     DOWNLOAD Revised Version


DOWNLOAD European GP 2004 Performance 


DOWNLOAD Monaco GP 2004 Performance


DOWNLOAD Spanish GP 2004 Performance


DOWNLOAD San Marino GP 2004 Performance


DOWNLOAD Bahrain GP 2004 Performance


DOWNLOAD Malayan GP 2004 Performance


DOWNLOAD Australian GP 2004 Performance




- Know that the newest version of PLay▓s carset already includes these files. You can check it on his site (grandprix3.pspu.ru).

- If you are using the old versions then download this file and follow the instruction to play the game with performance of the last GP.


1. Copy the <Downloaded performance file> to:

<Your GP3-2000 Folder>\gpxpdata\IG2004\perf.


2. Start GP-x patch. Go to GPxSET and browse the performance file in this window. Select: gpxpdata\IG2004\perf\<Downloaded performance file>.


3. Start GP3-2000. You can play the last GP with its real results!






The best cars that you▓ve ever seen!



for GP3-2000

Official Version 16  .10


SEASON 2003!!!


Compiled by Yuri Panin



Read my instructions before downloading!



GP-x patch required (www.xs4all.nl/~rsdi)

Ralph Hummerich's carset 2002 for GP3-2000 required (www.emacf1.com/rh).


Cars by Paul Willins, Stephan Sabatier, Fred, Ralph Hummerich,

 Loren Thomas, Camilo Holguin, Bojan Tarticchio, Brian Sinclair.



- 20 real 2003 formula one season cars:

  renault, sauber, toyota, mclaren by Paul Willins

  bar by Stephan Sabatier

  jordan, ferrari by Stephan Sabatier & Loren Thomas

  jaguar by Paul Willins & Camilo Holguin

  minardi by Loren Thomas & Paul Willins

  williams by Fred

- all of non-tobacco cars for some gps

- great helmets for all of the racers by Tijl Deutekom & Ales Vostatek

- new realistic carshape for 2003 season by Yuri Panin

- good pit crews 2003 & team logos by Yuri Panin & Stephan Sabatier

- different performance files for every race of the season by Yuri Panin

- set-files for every race of the season by Yuri Panin

- x-rows as arrows 2003 with Bernoldi & de la Rosa by Brian Sinclair



1. Start ⌠2003.exe■ from ⌠Grand prix 3 2000 season■ folder.          

2. Follow the instructions from ⌠readme_2003.txt■ file in

    ⌠Grand prix 3 2000 season■ folder.


Updated in v. 1.10:

1. All cars & helmets are visible from any distance.

2. Fixed helmets' problem.

3. New cockpits for Williams by P. Willins & BAR by S. Sabatier.

4. X-team as arrows 2003 with Bernoldi & de la Rosa by Yuri Panin.

5. Fixed Mclaren#6's problem.

6. New season performance file based on Australian GP 2003 results.

7. New Minardi cars 2003 by S. Sabatier.

8. New team logos by Yuri Panin & S. Sabatier.


Updated in v. 1.20:

1. Fixed transparency problems with X-team.

2. New Jordan by Yuri Panin with V10-Vodka logos.

3. New X-team cockpits.

4. Updated performance file: X-team powered by Ford.


Updated in v. 1.30:

1. New Jordan with all logos by Stephan Sabatier.

2. Optimized files' structure of the carset.

3. Fixed transparency problems with X-Team.

4. Updated performance file: X-Team powered by X-Team.

5. New performance data for Australian qualification.

6. Corrected pilots' names in performance file.

7. New Ferrari by S. Sabatier, McLaren & Toyota by P. Willins.


Updated in v. 1.40:

1. New realistic carshape 2003 by Y. Panin.

2. New Williams by Y. Panin.

3. Edited Minardi by S. Sabatier.

4. New X-Team liveries by Y. Panin.


Updated in v. 2.00:

1. Edited carshape 2003 by Y. Panin.

2. Different set-files for every race of the season by Y. Panin.

3. Edited Jordan by S. Sabatier.

4. Edited McLaren by P. Willins.

5. New Minardi by P. Willins.

6. Specific performance file based on Malaysian GP 2003 by Y. Panin.

7. Specific Malaysian GP 2003 Sauber & Minardi edited by Y. Panin.


Updated in v. 3.00:

1. New carshape 2003 by Y. Panin.

2. Specific performance file based on Brazilian GP 2003 by Y. Panin.

3. New X-Rows team powered by Ford by B. Sinclair.

4. Specific No War X-Rows liveries for Malaysia by B. Sinclair.

5. Edited helmets by Y. Panin.

6. Edited team logos by Y. Panin.

7. Corrected tyres' sat-types in set-files for the classic mode.


Updated in v. 4.00:

1. New Montoya's helmet from Brazilian GP by Ales Vostatek.

2. Corrected specific performance file for Brazilian GP by Y. Panin.

3. Specific performance file based on San Marino GP 2003 by Y. Panin.

4. New X-Rows liveries with NOW! logos by Y. Panin & B. Sinclair.


Updated in v. 5.00:

1. New Williams liveries with NiquitinCQ logos by Fred.

2. New set-files structure optimized for original tracks order.

3. Specific performance file based on Spain GP 2003 by Y. Panin.

4. Edited carshape by Y. Panin.

5. Jordan liveries with new logos edited by Y.Panin.


Updated in v. 6.00:

1. New Ferrari F2003-GA from Spain 2003 by P. Willins.

2. Specific performance file based on Austrian GP 2003.

3. New Williams liveries with NiquitinCQ logos by Fred.


Updated in v. 7.00:

1. Specific performance file based on Monaco GP 2003.

2. New Minardi with Trust logos by S. Sabatier.


Updated in v. 8.00:

1. Specific performance file based on Canadian GP 2003.

2. Jaguar "Pink Panther" from Monaco GP 2003 by C. Holguin.


Updated in v. 9.00:

1. Specific performance file based on European GP 2003.

2. New Ferrari F2003-GA liveries by L. Thomas.

3. New Trust Minardi liveries by L . Thomas.

4. New Jordan liveries & cockpit from Austrian GP 2003 by L. Thomas.


Updated in v. 10.00:

1. All of non-tobacco cars for French GP 2003.

2. Specific performance file based on French GP 2003.


Updated in v. 11.00:

1. New non-tobacco BAR edited by C. Holguin.

2. Specific performance file based on British GP 2003.

3. Specific BAR & ⌠T3■ Jaguar for British GP 2003 edited by Y. Panin.


Updated in v. 12.00:

1. New optimized structure of 2003.exe for easy installing.

2. Nikolas Kiesa in Minardi & Justin Wilson in Jaguar teams.

3. New McLaren, BAR & Jaguar "T3" edited by I. Gordeev.

4. New helmets set from German GP 2003 by A. Vostatek & T. Deutekom.

5. Specific performance file based on German GP 2003.


Updated in v. 13.00:

1. New Jordan from Hungary 2003 edited by Y. Panin.

2. Specific performance file based on Hungary 2003.

3. Zsolt Baumgartner in Jordan for Hungary 2003.


Updated in v.14.00:

1. Marc Gene in Williams with his helmet edited by Y. Panin.

2. Specific performance file based on Italy 2003.

3. Changed name of GpxPdata folder.


Updated in v.15.00:

1. Special carset for USA 2003.

2. Specific performance file based on USA 2003.


Updated in v. 16.00:

1. Specific performance file based on Japan 2003.

2. Takuma Sato in BAR for Japan 2003.


Updated in v. 16.10:

1. Specific Renault for Japan GP 2003 by C.Holguin.

2. Specific performance file for 2003 season by Y.Panin.


Thanx to:

   Ralph Hummerich for your 2002 incredible carset!

   Paul Willins, Stephan Sabatier, Bojan Tarticchio, Fred,

   Tijl Deutekom, Brian Sinclair, Ales Vostatek,

   Camilo Holguin, Loren Thomas, Ilya Gordeev

   for your great works!  

   Brian Sinclair for testing my carsets!


If you have problems during playing GP3-2000 with my carset,

please send me description to e-mail: yuripanin@hotmail.com.


Thank you for choosing my carset!


Recommended to use with Brian Sinclair's artwork 2003 for GP3-2000.

Available on this site: http://natazone.narod.ru/gp3.htm.



You can download it & start the '2003.exe' to unpack it & to see what i▓ve done!


Have fun & good luck! See ya in 2004 season!


Brian SINCLAIR▓s ARTWORK 2003 for GP3-2000




for GP3-2000




This package made by Brian Sinclair bsinclair@tutopia.com.br


* Construction * 


Editor(s) used  : Paint Shop Pro 5.0

Known Bugs: Small problem on X-Rows logo


Based work     : This set is based and uses graphics from the 2003 set

                          by Dieter Legenstein and the 2002 set by Jouko Saarinen


* Installation *


You will need ArtTool 2000 by Marc Aarts to install this. Just run it,

open your GP2000v1.bin file. If it is not expanded, you will need to:


1. From pull-down menus, select EDIT > EXPAND MENU ART FILE.

2. Locate your GP2000v1.bin (at your games folder/Bitmaps/) > OPEN.

3. Select at least EXPAND TEAM ART (contest of this set). Make sure that there's also tick on MAKE ALL HELMETS 84x80 > EXPAND SELECTED IMAGES.

4. After prosess is ended, select FILE > OPEN.

5. You'll notice that ArtTool have created another .bin-file (new_GP2000v1.bin) by default. This makes later possible rollback much easier.

6. Rename original .bin (something like GP2000v1.bin.old) and rename new_Gp2000v1.bin  to GP2000v1.bin.


After expanding the file, to install do:


1. FILE > OPEN > GP2000v1.bin. Expanded images text should have turned to blue. Note that only expanded images can be updated.


3. Locate 2003_season.tas (included on this set) and open it.


ArtTool starts installing ALL 11 team arts. After importing team arts to game have been succesfully finished, confirmation box will appear.


Recommended to use with NATAZONE'S 2003 CARSET FOR GP3-2000.



OTHER WORKS for GP3-2000






BAR 2003








JORDAN 2003 (v10-vodka)




McLAREN 2003








X-TEAM (arrows 2003)


X-TEAM (no war! version)


MINARDI 2003 (test)








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